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Adequate, convenient power is a must- and anything less than the dependability and proven performance of Kubota is a gamble.  The Kubota GL Series generators are made to deliver reliable power with a durable convenient design- plus a wealth of features that maximize usability and enhance your peace of mind

Compact Design- Kubota's GL Series generators are designed to have the lowest-possible height while using vertical diesel engines to deliver impressive power output.  The generator's direct engine coupling and unique cooling system enhance its low profile allowing it to fit in more spaces

Low Emissions- The Kubota diesel engines that power your GL Series generators are fully compliant with EPA Tier 4 final emission regulations.

Easy One-Side Maintenance- All maintenance can be performed from a single, large access panel on the generator.  Engine oil and coolant drain extensions are included to help with regularly scheduled fluid changes.

Receptacle vs. Terminal- Lowboy II generators for the US market are offered with receptacles or terminals.  The Lowboy Pro includes both receptacle and terminals in one unit.



     Safety Features- If the water temperature is excessive, or if the oil pressure drops below a safe level, your Kubota generator shuts down automatically to minimize or prevent damage.  A starter safety relay also prevents the starter from engaging after the engine starts up.  Equipped with TERMINAL COVER- Terminal-type generators are equipped with an output connection cover that stops the engine immediately when it is opened during operation.  DOUBLE CIRCUIT PROTECTORS- In addition to the overall circuit protector, each 120Volt receptacle has a secondary circuit protector that immediately cuts power to the circuit when sensing an overload or short.

    Operator Friendly Design- Portable, long-lasting power is a hallmark of Kubota generators.  No matter what your application, you can rely on ease of transporting.  The one-point lifting eye makes GL Series generators easy to transport.  There is also an option to lift the generator from the bottom making this an additional lifting point.

    Low Noise Level- Your Kubota generator includes numerous features that reduce overall noise levels

    • Using a large capacity radiator and slower speed fan reduces fan related noise.
    • The large-capacity, built in muffler reduces exhaust noise.
    • A longer air-cleaner hose dampens air-suction noise levels.
    • The inlet vent is strategically placed and specifically designed to allow minimal noise from the enclosure's opening

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